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There is a dirty little secret in the Body of Christ. It’s a worldwide thing; it’s a local thing. It lurks in big churches and small churches. It originates from huge denominations and organizations and tiny grass-roots home church groups. It’s been around since the beginning of the early church, yet is just now making its way into the mainstream media. Its effect has been felt by the youngest of children and the oldest of saints.

What I’m referring to is spiritual abuse of authority. What is astonishing and perplexing at the same time, while literally millions of well-meaning and trusting persons have been devastated by its aftermath, no one really wants to talk about it. Good people, people “of the Name,” God-fearing lovers of Jesus have been abused, injured, manipulated, controlled, deceived, told who to marry, what jobs to have, where to live, what cars to drive, what to wear, how much money to give, who to give it to…the list goes on and on, ad nauseam. All has been done in the “name of God.” Why has this happened? Why have so many intelligent, honest seekers of spiritual truth been sold a phony bill of goods and been more than willing to accept it?

Dedicated to these precious people, I’ve written and just released my first book about the topic of spiritual abuse, entitled Pigs In The Pulpit. It chronicles my and my family’s story of becoming Christians, then our 17 year struggle within and escaping from a controlling, abusive and cultic church system. You can find the book at https://www.pigsinthepulpit.com.

Let’s start a dialogue on this much-needed and overdue topic. Have you been abused, manipulated and controlled in a Christian church or ministry? I’d love to hear about it. God bless you…



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