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Pigs In The Pulpit

“There is no greater abuse of trust than those who use the illusion of spiritual leadership to manipulate people. J. Michael Wittman points a powerful and incisive light into this dark underbelly of our religious landscape, and offers hope and healing to its victims.”

Wayne Jacobsen

Collaborator & Publisher of the New York Times Bestseller The Shack
Author, So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore

“In this roller coaster ride of a book, J. Michael Wittman artfully and passionately details his indoctrination, control and manipulation at the hands of an abusive pastor and cultic church system. This is a 'must read' if you or a loved one has ever found yourself in a similar situation. Pigs in the Pulpit is not a dark tale, but a rather a victorious story of healing, redemption and a return to an intimate relationship with a loving God. I know you will benefit and be blessed from its reading.”

Eric Scheibeler
Author, Merchants of Deception

"…As I've said in previous posts, spiritual abuse is a subject that has been swept under the rug by the institutional church. No one wants to talk about it. Well, J. Michael Wittman is talking about it and I admire his candor.

…The author clearly describes the struggle he and his family went through before they finally were able to break free.

Even after leaving, however, the road to healing and normalcy is often long and difficult. In my opinion, the last chapter of the book is one of the best. In it, the author gives ten suggestions that will aid in the transition to normalcy. Even though I've been outside of an abusive group for many years, I found his suggestions helpful.

Reading this book was painful at times since I could relate to the author's pain and humiliation. However, in my opinion, he's done a wonderful job of describing the horrors of what he endured. Until people are willing to speak out, others will continue to be victimized. and I'm glad he's chosen to tell his story.”

Forgetting the Former Things blog

"J. Michael Wittman takes us on a journey through his life: through his addiction, his discovery and acceptance of God, through his joys and sorrows of those journeys. His story is open and brutally honest.

He shows us how to be a better person. His story is our story and that is what makes this book compelling and worth reading.Whether you agree with his choices or not you understand them because he opens his soul to the reader.

This is not an easy thing for us to do, but it is this baring of his soul that compels you to read page after page. It is what makes you admire him.

Yes, the book is the story of corruption in religion, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a story of faith and believing in something bigger than yourself and trusting the path that leads you on."

Carter Martina
CC Chronicles blog

“I found Pigs in the Pulpit to be a very powerful and disturbing book. I think the most worrisome aspect is that we are not talking about some obscure sect or cult but rather the Pentecostal movement. …It could well be happening in your backyard!

The larger question is what can de done to prevent this kind of activity?
That is a very difficult question to answer. If you look at the well known cults of recent time you find a recurring theme, the leader is charismatic and the ‘brain washing’ is done in a subtle way over a long period of time.

J. Michael Wittman reached the stage of complete frustration and also had an awakening. But leaving a cult like environment is easier said than done. There are a set of complex dynamics at work in every cult. One method of control is to control people’s friends; over time the only friends a cult member has are fellow members of the cult. To walk away means leaving behind everyone you care about. But walk away is exactly what he and his wife did.”

Simon Barrett
Blogger News Network

“This is the first book I've read in a long, long time that I COULD NOT put down! I just wanted to see what happened next, and read it voraciously. You write with a transparency and a flow of thoughts that is amazing!

I pray that this will reach many of the people who have been hurt by similar circumstances. It WILL help them to stop with the unending questions of 'why?' and 'what did I do wrong?' and 'what could I have done differently?' to have a different outcome.

Thank you for sharing with others who have undergone a similar indoctrination, and tearing down of our natural freedom to love God and to have His unbridled presence in our lives. I, for one, will read this book over and over again, as a source of healing.

Thanks for all the time spent writing, editing, reliving the hurts and revealing all that you have been through, to help all those who will allow this book to be the balm needed for the healing of their souls.”

Beth K.
Williamsport, PA

"J. Michael Wittman writes from an all too common 'point of pain.'  The last place in the world one should expect to receive pain is in the church; unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurrence.

Although I cannot agree with each and every point in the book, I can agree with the most important point — there is a fellowship for all Christians to become a part of.

That fellowship may be in an organized church, or a group of believers simply meeting in a home without any church connection.  The church is a living organism, and as such, it requires cooperation and shared ministries between those of like mind and purpose.

I am dismayed at the various ways doctrine is manipulated to suit the abuser, and the book Pigs in the Pulpit addresses this issue very well.

I would encourage the disenfranchised to read the book, and know that they can find a fellowship of believers that wants to love and encourage them in their faith walk and service."
Jerry Uppling
Uppling and Company
Jerry Uppling's Blog

"Your book opened our eyes to spiritual abuse that we have encountered in our life. Pigs in the Pulpit also opened our understanding, that we should put our trust in the Lord and not in man, who can err."

Ralph & Sharon Warnecke
Belleville, IL

"Wittman has delivered a riveting personal account of an all-too-common scenario in today's church. This book brought back vivid memories of my own experiences in a similar church setting. A real page-turner."

Williamsport, PA


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