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J. Michael Wittman has served church and home fellowships across the country as a teacher and pastor, with over 25 years experience behind the pulpit and behind the scenes. He is founder of Honest Faith Ministries.

His life experiences have prepared him to not only speak authoritatively on the topic of spiritual abuse, but to make an immediate, positive impact in the lives of victims seeking answers. A dynamic public speaker, he has witnessed to audiences both large and small, ministering the Gospel in churches, home groups, maximum-security prisons and other institutions.

He has been married almost 25 years to his best friend Laura, and they have three children: Jacob, Leslie and Chloe. They reside and work in north central Pennsylvania.

J. Michael Wittman is available for public speaking events. These include seminars on Christian topics of spiritual abuse of authority, developing skills of discernment, financial giving, the power and effects of secular music and the Kingdom of God.

He is also available for radio and television interviews.

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Honest Faith Ministries
J. Michael Wittman
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